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Our experts’ tireless efforts add substantial value
to small and large businesses.
For the past 10 years, we have been providing accounting and tax advisory services to our clients. Our team has been steadily growing, and so has our passion to deliver quality services to clients.

What makes us different?

Not only we operate with 100% transparency, we pride ourselves in thinking outside the box, to make sure an otherwise ordinary accounting and tax advisory service is something truly exceptional. Only then our clients can truly feel the value of the services they receive.

How We Work

Our accounting and tax advisory experts analyze each client’s needs, and try to tailor the tax and accounting operation setup to their specifics, in order to mitigate all risks and maximize benefits. We want to make sure our clients do not see us as just another service provider, but rather a trusted partner who can truly add value to their business.

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We’d love to work with you!

Check out services page, or simply drop us a line, if you are interested in our accounting and tax advisory services. We are always looking for new challenges and are ready to help your business mitigate tax and operational risks and grow.

Learn More About Us

We have clients from various industries. We offer accounting and tax advisory services to clients in professional services, real estate, hospitality, construction, IT and pharmaceutical. Our clients range from small local businesses, to regional companies with several branches.-
Aside from our regional branches, we can provide services to clients outside of our branch network, via our partner network. So we can help clients across Europe with accounting and tax advisory services.-

The services we provide

We offer professional services in three categories. Within each, we cover a wide range of services. Whether it’s general statutory services, or services tailored for a specific client, our team is ready to help and add value to client’s operations.

We offer comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping services to companies and individuals of various sizes and in different industries.


Our experienced tax advisors help clients with tax planning, due diligence, company restructuring, mergers and acquisitions and risk management.


We cover all services related to salary, payroll tax and contribution, sick-pay, various allowance calculations and reporting.